Hello World 2020

New Blog Setup

Hello Reader , for long it has been pending on my list to create a personal portfolio website , to showcase my project , writeblogposts , twitter integration etc etc but it didnt fit well as being a software developer and many projects being done for company there arent isnt much to show apart from some general lessons or findings as a developer , I did try posting daily progress when i pushed the pedal to the metal for learning the machine learning in which daily become weekly to monthly , and its better writing 1 high quality post than truckload of smaller ones which stays one the internet for long with google killing so many products and blogger going so many changes , it was time to move on to github pages

Choice of Framework for Github Static pages

Ealier this year i gave a tried setting up jekyll (Ruby) from scratch but couldnt find the right theme to pick for , then i setup Mkdocs (python) for making my note collection and code snippets which worked well for a while but didnt fit my usecase and the Github Workflow broke after sometime i didnt get time to fix and starting using Gitbooks for notes and writing markdowns

Until December i cam across this wonderfull theme by Cotes which was the ….light bulb momenet of this was what i was looking for , should really checkout and Sponser this project and the setup and documentation is so well done i was up and running and no time

Discontinuing Blogger and Medium

Medium and Blogger may have better indexing and ranking in search results but Medium Signin/Paywall and free article count and google everchanging product futures seemed not so promising

I do recommend to use , Hashnode for setup tutorials and general articles


  • Go opensource
  • Quality over Quantity
  • Paywalls and Signin [meh]
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