iPhone in India 2023


One small post for the biggest tech fanboy moment Android vs iOS

First 10 days Usage iOS Shortcoming :

  • iPhones do not support the 4G Volte carrier Video Calling service in India
  • The NFC in iPhones cannot be used for Visa or any other tap-to-pay terminals in India for now
  • App Notification category to selectively disable is not a thing in iOS
  • When picking calls and Bluetooth is paired the call is default picked on phone many times until set in settings
  • While calling a number switching retrying and switching SIM card is better implemented on Android
  • Weather forecast in the iOS weather app is way too inaccurate as compared to Google weather feeds in Bangalore, India
  • When call connection fails hard to troubleshoot the cause vowifi/volte etc ?

DaytoDay irks

  • Whatsapp cannot send photos as documents straight forwards as one can do it in Android
  • Notification mangement in iOS is boon & bane in disguise as notifications keep piling up easily without affecting screen on time
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