AWS Summit India Bangalore 2024


Theme of the Day : Generative AI




Startup that Caught my eye

AI Offering Comparison AWS vs Azure vs GCP

Amazon QAzure OpenAIGoogle Cloud Gemini Series
Amazon BedrockAzure AI StudioGoogle Cloud Vertex
Amazon TranscribeAzure Speech to TextGoogle Cloud Speech-to-Text
Amaozon PollyAzure Text to SpeechGoogle Cloud Text-to-Speech
Amazon TextractAzure Form RecognizerGoogle Cloud Document AI
Amazon RekognitionAzure Custom VisionGoogle Cloud Vision AI
Amazon LexAzure Bot ServiceGoogle Cloud Dialogflow
Amazon TranslateAzure Translator Text APIGoogle Cloud Translation API
Amazon PersonalizeAzure AI PersonalizerNA
Amazon Augmented AI~ Azure Machine Learning Studio~ Google Cloud AI Platform
Amazon ComprehendAzure Cognitive Service (Text Analytics)Google Cloud Natural Language API
Amazon Fraud DetectorNANA
Amazon KendraAzure Cognitive SearchGoogle Cloud Search

The only Decision you have to make is AWS 😛


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