Completing AZ 900

Completing Azure Certification

So Completing the first Cloud Certification in Azure , to know more about exam watch first 15 min of this Video

How to Prepare

Firstly, seeing the term exam has still got its weight coming out of college but the exam was quite easier, here is how I would recommend someone beginner to go with AZ 900,

1. GO Practical

No Amount of theory can beat practical hands so just don’t dive into the tutorial use a free trial account and try to achieve the following tasks with articles and not videos if possible and just try to explore,

  • Create a Virtual Machine of Windows and Connect to it
  • Create a Database Instance for MySQL and do CRUD operation from either python or Java
  • Create a Static webpage and host it on Azure

2. GO Theoretical

Part of clearing the exam is getting familiar with the terminology used in Azure, so even if you have prior experience with AWS or Gcloud or have worked for years with Azure having a go through the reading of the official microsoft az900 study material is all that is needed, no udemy, youtube , Coursera videos needed for preparation

  • Go through all 6 Chapters and their submodules in a week (Module 2-3 are have more submodules so keep motivation levels up)
  • Make Short notes of terms, and concepts in your diagram and connection understanding for later revision of googling unfamiliar terms

3. Practise Questions

So just a day before the exam practise through some online sample questions set there are many online just going through the first 50 questions will give you complete picture as all the rest questions are around the same topic and concept so small question set will be enough, the site I used is listed below, the syllabus keeps changing from time to time but not much so if you come around some questions not covered in theory study material do not worry about that portion

4. Taking the Exam

The Exam itself is easy with plenty of time to attempt questions and think the number of questions is different based on question type for me it was 41 questions to be completed in 45 minutes, was able to complete in less than 30 minutes , read the question properly and think about all the options before selecting

5. After Exam what Next?

After completing the exam the score is available immediately so if it’s above 700 you know you have passed, and the certificate takes about 30 min to get generated and receive mail regarding it, there are more levels for Azure exams but those need to be renewed every 18 months, AZ 900 being a fundamental exam does not have an expiry date

So here is my Exam Certificate and Credentials :


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