Completing Ai 900

Completion of Certification

Completing this certification was mostly inspired by chatgpt and exploring all the available options and Ai ML services in azure and also all exploring deployment options for ML projects and backends in azure


  • The text content of the exam is quite simple and the interesting part is to try hands-on the various ML tools and services provided by azure and try them out else from the exam point of view theory in the preparation module provided by azure is more then sufficient along with some sample question dumps
  • If have worked in ML before and have an idea of the basics of azure and both ML the prep and exam can be prepared for in a single day-long stretch if hands-on or single hands on any of the services is there

Practise Question Source

The included question is sufficient to pass with an above 900+ score

Taking the Exam

  • The exam had 35 questions to be done in 45 minutes which is more the sufficient time to complete this exam with plenty of time to spare



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